Flash Media Server Load Test on Windows

Today I try to run a load test on adobe flash media server. The load test can give us a good indicator of the performance of our new flash media server. This blog introduced the command line tool(fmscheck) for load tests. I found this tool on ‘C:\Flash Media Server 4\tools’ directory and read the user manual. Everything is good except I have to write a script on windows to automate the test.

Okay, long story be short. After a few hours on research, I got a powershell script which will call the fmscheck with multithreads for stressing test. Here you are:

Step 1: Put the path of fmscheck( it is ‘C:\Flash Media Server 4\tools’ on my server) on your environment variables. Thus powershell can find where the tool is.

Step 2: run this powershell script as below:

foreach ( $i in 1..10)

  $fmstest = "fmscheck.exe --host localhost --app vod --play mystreamingvideo 0 all --logfile output"+[string]$i+".txt"

  start-job -scriptblock { Invoke-Expression $args[0] } -ArgumentList @($fmstest)


I just set 10 threads on this code. On my real test, I run this script with 1000 concurrent video streams. So feel free to modify the number of threads for your requirement.

Enjoy test!